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Reduce Snoring

Fun and Fast!
Just 15 minutes a day addresses the underlying cause of snoring. No need to wear bulky
uncomfortable devices when you go to sleep.

Soundly play fun games to reduce snoring

Based on Science! Bed partners report Soundly reduces snoring in a randomized clinical trial at the University of Minnesota.
Patent-Pending Technology! Our unique method is based on the latest sleep science and will help reduce your snoring.

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There are two main kinds of snoring: Nasal and Upper Airway. Nasal snoring can just be a problem of a cold, but upper airway snoring is due to a saggy …

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What is snoring?

Many people in the world are affected by an annoying condition: Snoring. Snoring not only affects the person inflicted by causing tiredness as well as a sore throat, but can affect …

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What Causes Snoring?

Snoring has quite a few causes but they all lead to a narrowed airway. A narrowed airway causes the air being breathed in to push against the obstructed portion of …