It’s All About Breathing – Underlying Snoring Causes

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A Cause for Concern

We have all been there. After a rough day, all we want is a decent night’s sleep. And, while a deep slumber can be hard to wake up from, falling asleep can be extremely difficult. What makes matters worse is any loud and repetitive sounds that make doing so even harder. Snoring can affect anyone. Whether you’re the one making the noise, or the one being disrupted by it, snoring causes problems for everyone.


There are many treatments for snoring on the market. Anyone can go online and buy any product they wish. Some of these include:

  • CPAP machines
  • Breath Strips
  • Mouthguards
  • Headstraps

And, while we all want quick solutions to our problems, it’s important to examine the issue further. In order to eliminate snoring once and for all, it’s wise to look at the underlying snoring causes. If you get at the root of the problem, you can get rid of it, instead of treating the symptoms. Like anything else that needs fixing, finding the “why” leads to long-term solutions.

Snoring Causes

One of the leading and common causes of snoring can be narrowed down to the soft palate in your throat. When we sleep, the muscles in our throats relax, causing them to expand. This includes your soft palate. In some people, this is not a problem, but for others, it affects their airflow. When your breath gets caught in this spot in your throat, your soft palate can vibrate, creating that sound we all know too well. In order to understand this better, look no further than the breathing process itself.  

The Breathing Process

The breathing process

Breathing is subconscious. We don’t need to think about it, which is why it is so easy to forget about its importance when we have the rest of life to worry about. Remember, breath brings life, and to keep it healthy and steady at night not only reduces snoring but can make your quality of sleep better. While you sleep, your body does all the work it does during the daytime, except your muscles relax, which, again, causes snoring. The breathing process can be simplified for the average person to understand in order to fully grasp the role it has in snoring.

  • First, the lungs expand with air
  • The air travels up the trachea
  • And, of course, the air exits the trachea through the mouth and nose

Snoring causes a disruption in the final step of this process. The air has to find a way out of your throat. And, like a roadblock, air gets trapped behind the soft palate. Of course, the snoring sound can be annoying, but the obstruction of air is something with which to be concerned. By focusing on this part of the breathing process, medical professionals are able to find a better solution to this problem.

Through Breath, Soundly Cures Snoring Causes

Breathing is important. And, while people who snore are able to breathe at night, unlike people with sleep apnea, snoring causes an obstruction of air. With Soundly, you’re able to tackle the root of snoring causes, and finally get a good night’s sleep. Through the game, muscles in the soft palate get toned, making it less likely that it’ll block your air passages during the night. Using Soundly you can finally eliminate snoring, breathe well, and rest soundly.

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