Snoring Solutions

Pillows can help reduce snoring

There are two main kinds of snoring: Nasal and Upper Airway. Nasal snoring can just be a problem of a cold, but upper airway snoring is due to a saggy soft palate or tongue. These kinds of snoring can both be quite annoying to both the victim as well as the victim’s bed partner. The good thing is that there are many devices that have been created to help those in need of a snoring solution.


There are various devices that can be used to prevent and stop snoring such as:

  • Mouthguards
  • Nasal Strips
  • Apps
  • Chin Straps
  • Certain Pillows



Mouthguards are used to slightly pull the jaw forward to help the upper airway from sagging. It provides a gap between the lower jaw and upper teeth which helps hold up the tongue and soft palate allowing air to flow somewhat unobstructed. The problem with mouthguards is that they generally need to be fitted by dentists and can be quite pricey but they do not require anything aside from putting it in before sleep. If the snoring is located more in the nasal area the mouthguard will most likely not work nearly as well as nasal strips.


Nasal Strips

Nasal strips are used to open the airway at the nose. This is done by pulling the nose open and holding it so that the inside of the nose doesn’t obstruct airflow. Nasal strips can help mainly if someone has nasal congestion and doesn’t really help much if the snoring is due to a sagging soft palate or tongue. This can help if someone has a smoking problem and snores or if someone has a cold.


Snoring Apps

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There are some snoring apps that can help with snoring problems. Snoring apps vary from monitoring your snoring and giving you suggestions on how to stop snoring, to checking effectiveness of snoring remedies, to preventing snoring by strengthening your soft palate and tongue. The app Soundly helps to prevent snoring by having the user play a game. This game requires the user to say certain words that strengthen the soft palate and tongue to help prevent a saggy upper airway. It is also free which saves your wallet. Other snoring apps only monitor sleep and tell if you snore and tries to give solutions to snoring where Soundly helps fix those problems.


Chin Straps

Chin straps work in a similar way to mouthguards where they help support the jaw. The main difference is that the chin strap keeps your mouth closed where the mouthguard lifts your jaw slightly. Chin straps are much cheaper but can be less reliable than mouthguards. Chin straps also do not work for nose snorers since it only affects the jaw and holds the mouth closed. It is also a problem for people who breathe through their mouth at night since the strap will hold the mouth closed.


Anti-Snoring Pillows

Pillows can be used to help decrease snoring. Simply adding another pillow can help too by tilting your head up which keeps the soft palate from sagging as well as the tongue. These pillows work by tilting your head back which allows the soft palate and tongue to not obstruct the airway as much which can help decrease the loudness and significance of the snoring. These pillows also do not work for nasal snoring since they target the throat.

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