How to Get Rid of Snoring for Less Cost

Having the condition of snoring can be a problem, but all of the solutions tend to be expensive. From chin straps to mouth guards to nasal strips, snoring solutions can cost upwards of $2,000. So how do you get rid of snoring for free or for at least a cheaper price?


How to get rid of Snoring

Aside from using various devices to try and stop snoring, there are a few things you should try first before spending money. Here are our recommendations for things to try before searching for a custom mouthguard:

  • Certain Snoring Apps
  • Change your Sleep Posture
  • Using another Pillow
  • Lose weight
  • Don’t drink Alcohol before bed
  • Quit Smoking


Snoring Apps

Soundly app stop snoring

There are certain apps that can help decrease snoring. One that targets soft palate and tongue sagging is Soundly. This app uses vocal exercises to help strengthen your upper airway in the form of a voice-controlled space invaders-esque game. The best part is that it is free to try and only $10/mo for the full therapy.


Change Sleep Posture

Woman Sleeping

Changing your sleep orientation can help you to stop snoring. Moving from sleeping on your back to sleeping on your side or belly can cause your sagging tongue or soft palate to no longer obstruct your airway. This happens due to gravity pulling the tongue and palate to the side or front of the mouth. If changing your sleep posture doesn’t work, you can consider purchasing a mouthguard or chin strap. If you decide to purchase either one of these, make sure you do enough research before buying one or the other and even consider meeting with your doctor.


Using Another Pillow

Using another pillow can help prop your head up to stop your soft palate and tongue from obstructing your airway. Using the pillow to also help tilt your head back can help as well. That is how the special anti-snoring pillows work by putting a divot in the pillow to tilt your head back and move your tongue and soft palate slightly.


Lose Weight

Losing weight can help with snoring

This suggestion is much different and requires much more effort than the last ones. Being overweight can cause a buildup of tissue in the throat and cause obstructions of the airway. Losing weight also comes with other various life improvements such as decreased chance of heart conditions as well as generally feeling more energetic.


Less Alcohol Before Bed

Decreasing the amount of alcohol consumed before bed can help decrease chances of snoring. This is because alcohol can act as a muscle relaxant which causes (you guessed it) the tongue and soft palate to sag. If you are going to consume alcohol before bed, try and make it at least three hours before attempting to sleep. This helps give your body some time to metabolize some of the alcohol which will help with getting an overall better night’s sleep.


Quit Smoking

Not Smoking can improve sleep

Quitting smoking can help with congested snoring. This is because when you smoke, it causes the body to build up mucus in the nasal cavity which causes congestion. While attempting to quit, using nasal strips can help decrease snoring although you do have to purchase those.


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