4 Ways You Can Sleep Better Tonight


How can you sleep better?

Have you ever been up late at night wondering how you can sleep better? Ever had trouble waking up early in the morning or been late to work or school because you couldn’t get up? It is difficult to sleep well, but if you follow these four, easy steps you can get started on your journey to getting to sleep better.


1. Put your phone down before bed

Person on Phone

Not using your phone, laptop, or tablet can help you fall asleep faster and have a deeper, better sleep. Why do electronics prevent us from sleeping? The short answer: they emit blue light. The long answer: the artificial blue light emitted from the screens can decrease the amount of melatonin released from your body. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for helping us fall asleep. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that you prevent using electronic devices anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours before bed. It may seem to be a challenge to put your device down for even 30 minutes, but if that can’t be done try setting it down 15 minutes before bed and slowly increasing the time from there.


2. Read a book or write a To-Do list

Yes, I’m sure you have heard of the classic “read a book”, but it really does help. It helps wind down the mind and relax the body before going to sleep. Now, writing a to-do list may seem rather odd, but researchers from Baylor University did a study to see whether a group who wrote a to-do list or a group that wrote previous days’ accomplishments would fall asleep quicker. It turns out, that the to-do list group fell asleep nine minutes sooner, on average, than the accomplishment group.


3. Watch what you eat and drink

Eating fatty foods can affect your sleep

Drinking caffeine before bed will obviously keep you up since that is the whole point of it. So, stay away from large amounts of caffeine before bed to help fall asleep sooner. Another tip is to prevent eating large meals right before sleeping. Eating large meals can cause you to have digestive issues while attempting to fall asleep. Also, have you ever tried to roll over in bed with a full stomach? It is not very pleasant, I do not recommend that experience. Finally, do your best to avoid alcohol before bed. This not only increases your chances for snoring, but can cause interference with your sleep cycle once you have fallen asleep.


4. Have a consistent Sleep Schedule

Setting a consistent sleep schedule can help you fall asleep extremely quickly and help you sleep better. Getting a consistent sleep schedule set can be very difficult. You get out of school or work late or need to go in early or have early morning classes. If you can set your schedule to be consistent for the most part, with a few days being outliers, you can sleep better. A good way to start trying to get a consistent sleep schedule is to wake up at specific times and go to be at specific times during the weekends. If you can do this, it will be much easier to get a set sleep schedule during the week. This helps your circadian rhythm get set and helps you feel much more refreshed.

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