Snoring, Meaning, and Old School Remedies

What did people think snoring was?

Do you ever wonder what people used to think about the world before scientific explanation? When it comes to snoring, we know a lot about what causes it and how we work to prevent it, but what did people think snoring meant?


According to a popular theory, people used to think snoring was our way of scaring off predators while we were asleep, keeping us safe from danger. People also believed, that since it’s easier to wake up from sleep riddled with snoring, that it was also the body’s way of keeping itself alert during the night.


Now that we’ve moved from being hunters and gatherers to indoor mammals, we have learned much more about snoring and its meanings. We now know that snoring is not a defensive mechanism but a sign of blocked airways and an indicator of poor sleep.


Snoring Meaning

Snoring means a lot of different things. It could mean that you have sleep apnea or that you have a blocked air passage due to relaxed muscles in your trachea. Snoring, in and of itself, is a symptom of various health causes, such as sleep disorders, obesity, and respiratory illnesses. Even something as small as a cold is enough to inflame sinuses, and cause snoring through your nasal cavity.


If you suffer from chronic snoring, it can be a sign that there is a bigger problem at play. It might be excess tissue trapping air in your throat while you sleep or it could be sleep apnea, which could result in further health risks, like heart disease.

Snoring can have many meanings


Throughout the years, as scientists and physicians have researched snoring, many home remedies and treatments arose to combat snoring. Some people have even gone far enough to tie tennis balls to pajamas to keep people from sleeping on their backs, which was believed to the cause of snoring.


Since then, companies have come out with various tools to force people to breathe through their nose or place their head in the right position. While this is good for business, it’s not a sustainable way of managing snoring and helping people get good sleep. And now that modern science has expanded, the causes for snoring are clearer now than they ever were.

Snoring as a Sign

As far as we come, there is no quick easy solution to snoring The causes of snoring is as complex as the people who experience it. There are, however, ways to tackle those causes of snoring and live a healthier life as a result of good sleep practices and wellness.


Snoring is no longer a mystery to us. We know that people either snore through their nose of their throat and that it’s caused by a lack of smooth airflow. By focusing on eliminating these blockages, through medicine and health practices, we can stop snoring right at its cause. We don’t need to attach tennis balls to clothing or use three pillows to get in the right position. Through vocal exercises, good sleep hygiene, and healthy living, snoring can be eliminated for good.


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